Earth Rise

November 2021

With COP26 happening right here in Glasgow the spotlight is very much on this City, almost as though Glasgow itself can deliver the answer.

Flower Sniffin', Kitty Pettin', Baby Kissin', Corporate Rock Whores

September 2021

Musings on band t-shirts that aren't really about band t-shirts.

Design for good – or – I hope I haven't wasted my life!

June 2021

Thinking about the real value of what we do as designers and how the impact extends way beyond our revered 'sign off' event horizon.

A nostalgic ramble brought on by an impending anniversary

May 2021

In 2022 we will be 20 years old. How did we get here? What does it all mean? What do we do next?

Our Friends in India

March 2021

Reflecting on a journey in India and on how our project with Phantom Hands came about.

Graphical House — The 42nd Best Graphic Design Firm in the World

January 2021

Don't panic, this is not an ego trip.

Human Brands

September 2020

What do we mean when we talk about ‘Human Brands’?

HEO (human emotion optimisation) not SEO

Why you should forget about SEO and focus on HEO instead

August 2020

A short primer on enhancing people’s understanding of your business by creating better content.

An Evolving Workplace

July 2020

How will the global health emergency impact our workplace?

The Lost Woods

June 2020

Providing every primary school in Glasgow with planting materials to enable children to grow oak trees.