How to choose a design company.

January 2023

Some brief thoughts the best way to select a design company. Or at least what we think is the best way.

Design of a Klein book

November 2022

Designing for posterity vs. designing for an ever-changing digital landscape.

Iona Crawford 2022

August 2022

Creating campaign imagery for one of Scotland's most acclaimed textile designers.

Stayin' Alive

March 2022

Some thoughts on design and chronic illness.

The Next Future

January 2022

What does a Renault 5 have to do with Star Wars, Blue Monday and our vision of our future? Probably nothing but this seemed to make sense at the time.

Slow Reno

December 2021

There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in — Leonard Cohen

Earth Rise

November 2021

With COP26 happening right here in Glasgow the spotlight is very much on this City, almost as though Glasgow itself can deliver the answer.

Flower Sniffin', Kitty Pettin', Baby Kissin', Corporate Rock Whores

September 2021

Musings on band t-shirts that aren't really about band t-shirts.

Design for good – or – I hope I haven't wasted my life!

June 2021

Thinking about the real value of what we do as designers and how the impact extends way beyond our revered 'sign off' event horizon.

A nostalgic ramble brought on by an impending anniversary

May 2021

In 2022 we will be 20 years old. How did we get here? What does it all mean? What do we do next?