About (type) Face

May 2024

Some brief thoughts on why typefaces are such an important part of a Brand Identity and need to be given serious consideration.

Friends with benefits

January 2024

We've found a new home for 2024. Here's the where and the why.

What should my design budget be?

November 2023

Some thoughts on design budgets and how to figure out the best way to spend in order to achieve your business goals.

In Rainbows

October 2023

A few thoughts on how bands are using colour to open up markets and sell more stuff to more people.

Bring Back Vinyl

June 2023

Some thoughts on how print and real things are still important, now maybe more than ever.

How to choose a design company.

January 2023

Some brief thoughts the best way to select a design company. Or at least what we think is the best way.

Design of a Klein book

November 2022

Designing for posterity vs. designing for an ever-changing digital landscape.

Iona Crawford 2022

August 2022

Creating campaign imagery for one of Scotland's most acclaimed textile designers.

Stayin' Alive

March 2022

Some thoughts on design and chronic illness.

The Next Future

January 2022

What does a Renault 5 have to do with Star Wars, Blue Monday and our vision of our future? Probably nothing but this seemed to make sense at the time.