Iona Crawford 2022

Earlier this year we were commissioned to create campaign imagery for internationally acclaimed textile designer Iona Crawford’s latest Diana’s Grove’ Collection.

Working with photographer Susan Castillo we were keen to capture not only the unique qualities of the designs and various substrates but also the inspiration that lies behind the collection.

This inspiration is referred to directly through the props but also more subtly through the lighting, created to invoke a sense of the sun through foliage. The atmosphere of the grove.

It was important to refer to the kind of environments where Iona’s fabric, wallpaper and products might appear, be they domestic or commercial.

We were keen to produce something a little out of the ordinary within this market context, not only to gain differentiation but also to reflect Iona’s unique creative approach.

Introducing tiny moments of movement within each image not only builds on the narrative of the collection but also highlights Iona’s very particular sense of detail.

Halfway between a Cinemagraph and a simple animated GIF these playful moving elements, built from a series of stills, offer a surprising detail to what might appear to be a static image. This sense of surprise and delight is key.

The Diana’s Grove’ Collection is live now and can be explored in full on Iona’s website.