Todd & Duncan 1867

Todd & Duncan 1867

Living Heritage

The new brand begins with the creation of a Makers Mark designed to work alongside the existing Logotype. 

1867, the inception point, the provenance, where it all starts.


We created the phrase Living Heritage as a nod to the inherent provenance of the product but also the forward looking approach to colour and design.

This is cashmere moving forward.

We recently created new image and video content art directed specifically to focus on and express the depth of colour and luxurious feel of the pieces.


The Todd & Duncan approach to colour is unique and always one step ahead. Showing colour accurately and consistently was essential.

Everything comes together on the e‑commerce website, designed to showcase the quality of the pieces and provenance of the brand whilst providing a simple and elegant user experience.

Packaging was designed to reflect the luxurious product whilst also having a keen eye on environmental concerns, using only recycled and recyclable materials. Customers also have the option to opt out of the full box packaging if they feel that they don’t need it.