Life in balance

Text that reads "Saalt. Life in balance" over a photograph of three women walking barefoot along a beach. They are all wearing pinky red shades of clothes.
Three women walking along a beach towards the camera. The woman in the middle has her right hand on her head. They are all wearing shades of blue.
Two women laughing. Their hair appears to be blowing in the wind. The woman on the left is holding onto the others arm.
A woman in a pink shirt holding her hand to her face as her hair is blown in the wind.
A woman in a beige jumper and pink jacket leaning against some rocks.
Two women standing barefoot on a cliff face.
Three women standing close together in front of a rock face. They are all looking at the camera.

Influenced by tidal rhythms, we designed a balanced brand identity that recalls the ever-changing space between land and sea, drawing on natural tones and empowering imagery. 

Two hands holding paintbrushes above a swirled pattern made in water.
Two hands holding up a sheet of paper that has a swirled pattern on it.

Our distinctive suminagashi pattern builds recognition, supporting stand-out packaging that combines elegant and practical presentation with a rewarding out-of-box experience.

Three Saalt packaging tubes in front of a pink background. There is a blue menstrual cup sitting centrally and a pink one to the right.
Three Saalt packaging tubes sitting in front of a blue background. There is a blue and a red menstrual cup sitting in the centre.

It has been such a pleasure working with Graphical House and we value the dedication they have shown more than we can say. Holding our packs in our hands, being able to present them and see peoples reactions has been quite a joy.

Saalt Founders: Cherie and Jon

Saalt’s ethical mission is one that they are committed to. To date they have diverted over 9 million period waste products from landfill, donated over 48,000 menstrual cups, saved $517k on the cost of disposables and funded over 373,000 days of school through projects all over the globe.

In the summer of 2019, Saalt was awarded B‑corp status, joining organisations like Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia in certifying the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability.

Three women walking beside each other along a beach. There is only sand visible behind them.

Since February 2018, Saalt revenues have grown tenfold.

Saalt cups are now also stocked in almost 2000 Target stores across the USA. In addition to this they are now the second best selling menstrual cup globally on Amazon.

Saalt logo on a background of swirling pink and blue shapes. There is text below that reads "Soft menstrual cup"

In 2019, in collaboration with Put a Cup in It, Saalt launched their Saalt Soft Cup. Made with an ultra-soft silicone formula designed to be both gentle and super comfortable for those with bladder sensitivity, cramping or discomfort with firmer cups.

We evolved the core brand expression and packaging to give Saalt Soft it’s own sense of identity and a clear differentiation on the shelf.

Two saalt packaging tubes. One tube is open and a saalt cup sits beside it.

Saalt Teen marks a second evolution of the main Saalt brand. The new cup was created in collaboration with real world teenagers in order to design the perfect fit.

Whilst the forms remain familiar the colour ways and execution are dramatically different speaking directly to the audience and achieving stand out personality within the marketplace.

When we started searching the globe for our design consultants we didn’t know if we’d find top tier talent willing to take on our small company. When, on our first call with Graphical House, they talked about period care products being patronising and clichéd we knew we’d found the right team.

Beginning our journey we knew that we would need to stand out in a beautiful and disciplined way. Now we consider our brand, art direction and design to be one of our strongest assets and differentiating factors.

Saalt Co-Founders: Jon, Amber, Brent and Cherie