Three people sit at a table in front of a laptop. The woman in the middle has blonde hair and looks at the camera.

Reshaping a destination

We created a positive brand that reshapes the town’s story, signposting development and innovation for a new generation of residents, tourists and investors.

Our brand captures Paisley’s bold, honest and friendly spirit. It communicates directly with the audience, drawing them in with authentic language and welcoming imagery.

The bespoke colour palette and textures bring distinction and recognition, creating a vibrant atmosphere that hints at the area’s rich connections with the textile industry.

We activated the brand across media platforms, supporting a self-assured campaign which builds a sense of togetherness, encourages collaboration and engages visitors from around the world.

An older lady with grey hair standing holding a piece of fabric in front of three people who have their backs to the camera.

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Art direction.

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Identity. Logotype and copy lines.

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Identity. Guidelines.

A grid of four that shows a range of people including school children and musicians.

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Art direction.

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Identity. Graphic textures.

A poster that reads "Paisley. Here" with a circular shape in the background next to a poster of musicians.

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A young woman looking towards the camera as the other three people at her table talk to each other.

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Art direction.

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Identity. Graphic textures.

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Digital. Website.

A billboard advertisement in a train station. The text reads "Paisley Together" set in black type on a pink background.

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Digital. Website.

A young mum sitting with her two children. She is smiling towards the camera.

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Art direction.

A mockup of a website shown on an iPad and an iPhone that are sitting on a white tabletop.

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Digital. Website.

A mockup of a social media page on an iPhone that sits on a white tabletop.

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Digital. Social media.