Brintons x Timorous Beasties

Brintons x Timorous Beasties

Brutal Beauty

A large carpet swooping up from the floor onto a metal bar in front some windows.
Two carpets in a large room. The carpet in the foreground has a blue and yellow pattern on it.
Detail of carpet with wood pattern on it.
Large patterned carpet in a room in front of a wood and wire wall.
Catalogue that reads "Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection by Brintons" with an image of a carpet below.
Unfolded print with photograph of carpet in large room on it.
An open page of a catalogue.
A grid of four showing details of patterns in multiple colours.
Two images beside each other. The one on the left has an open catalogue whilst the one on the right shows two men standing with patterned carpets in the background.
People standing outside of a wooden structure in the sunshine.

Everyone at Brintons enjoyed working with Graphical House, they went the extra mile at every turn and the results always exceeded our expectations.”

Sarah Draper
Commercial Marketing Manager
Brintons Carpets

A woman turning away from the camera holding a catalogue. She is wearing a beige coat and a black backpack.