Bernat Klein Foundation

Bernat Klein Foundation

An eye for colour

As the backbone of the new brand we created a bespoke Logotype based on original typography to be found on early Klein branding and research work.

In support of the Logotype we also designed a Marque/​Monogram to endorse peripheral projects or express the brand when space is at a premium.

This mark is based on an eye icon used regularly by Klein in his research and published material.

Colour was always going to be a key aspect of the brand expression. A core palette takes inspiration from Klein’s own work.

Bernat Klein, Leaf Fall 4, 1992

The brand components come together on a custom, content managed, e‑commerce website and across social media platforms.

Designed as a portal to showcase the extensive material and activity of the Foundation the site offers the back story on recent collaborations as well as direct access to workshops, events and a range of new and archive printed collateral.

Images of the interior of High Sunderland. The Klein family home, designed by Peter Womersley. Read an article about the house in Forward Journal.

Une femme qui plait aux hommes Vogue, March 1963
Photograph by Henry Clark

Featuring an international range of authors and contributors this 224 page book, published by the Foundation, accompanies the centenary exhibition Bernat Klein: Design in Colour’ at the National Museums Scotland.

Read our article about the design process of the book here.

The exhibition Bernat Klein, Influence & Inspiration at the Studio Pavilion in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park, showcases new ideas developed by contemporary practitioners whose work is contributing to the continuation of Klein and his legacy in design.

In a second show High Sunderland, The Restoration of a Modernist House architects Loader Monteith share the fascinating story of their world-leading restoration of Bernat Klein’s home, High Sunderland.

Martin Mandel photograph of Bernat Klein, c.1963–66
Image National Museums Scotland: K.2010.94.193

Our collaboration with Graphical House has developed over a number of years, and recently focused on the design of the book Bernat Klein’, a group of three connected exhibitions, and the redesign and launch of our brand and website. As a foundation whose focus is on a designer, artist, and colourist, Graphical House have responded creatively to each of our projects with sensitivity and understanding. The quality of design and production by Graphical House reflects our ambition to develop Bernat Klein’s legacy for a contemporary audience.

Professor Alison Harley
Chair, Bernat Klein Foundation