A pair of scissors covered in blue ink sit on an ink covered surface.

Marthe Armitage – Artist & Patternmaker

November 2019

An older lady standing with a striped apron on. She has grey hair and stares at the camera.

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A book sits leaning against a dark grey background. The book has a black and cream patterned wrap-around cover on it.

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Different botanical shapes made in black and cream. There is text just below the middle that reads "The beginning" "First Effort"

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Rolls of wallpaper in a wooden shelving system. There are other pieces of wallpaper stuck on a wall beside it.

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A red set of rollers sitting atop a pink piece of fabric with a botanical pattern on it.

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Five books stacked on top of each other. They all have different wrap-around covers made from wallpaper.

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Close up of some wallpaper. The wallpaper has the alphabet on it. It is blue and white.

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A black and white wallpaper with botanical print. There are birds and butterflies interspersed within.

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