Hunts Office

Hunts Office

Fill your workspace with possibility

Logo that reads "Hunts Office" in white type on a blue background.

By repositioning the Hunts offer as more than furniture, we refocussed the business, and in doing so, opened up new and untapped revenue streams.

The results speak for themselves – within a year of launch monthly revenue increased twentyfold, as did site traffic, and enquiries. 

A new e‑commerce website streamlines user experience and showcases their extensive product catalogue, enabling customers to create wish lists, and Hunts to curate product collections around any theme or topic, helping them respond to current trends, and provide users a fresh way to explore and engage with their product catalogue.

Mock up of digital check out process for Hunts Office website.

Rich contextual links between products and content, with custom landing pages easily assembled using a set of customisable content blocks, provides Hunts with a flexible tool that to create immersive and intuitive shopping experience for users.

Graphical House have established us as key players in the office furniture industry online and across EMEA.

Daniel Walsh
Hunts Office

We developed tailored digital content and concise web copy, underpinned by brand photography that creates desire – capturing the relationship between objects, and the defining of structure and space.

A table and chair set up in front of a green panel. There is a blurred person walking out of shot in the background
A man places objects onto a tall table. There are two barstools beside him.
A man sitting on a yellow sofa using a computer. A blurred women is walking by her. There is a green panel in the background.
A set up of an armchair with coffee table and coat-rack beside.
A close up of hands using a computer. There is a pile of fabric samples on the table beside the computer.
A women reading a floor plan. There is a wooden coffee table with a book and water carafe on it.
A man dressed in black lifting an armchair.
A close up of two pairs of hands comparing coloured swatches. There are other swatches on the table beside them.

Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week, Hunts’ confident new brand elevates their offer – redefining their position in the market and providing a framework for future success.

Text that reads "Office furniture can fill a space. Or redefine it."
A women wearing an orange top looking at something on the table in front of her.
Man looking at computer screen
A blue armchair. There is a pink piece of furniture to its left.
A black leather office chair.

The breadth of work undertaken by Graphical House to develop our new brand and end-to-end eCommerce platform was immense. The team are a joy to work with. Their approach is seamless, transparent, and honest throughout – they challenged when needed, and delivered a world-class online shopping experience. They come highly recommended as brand strategists, as well as digital design and development partners.

Daniel Walsh
Hunts Office